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Code Name Verity - Elizabeth Wein 4.5 stars

I should mention that I enjoy reading WWII books. Any book that takes place during that time will almost undoubtedly get added to my to-read list. Code Name Verity had loads of positive reviews here on Goodreads which helped shoot it up my list to be read sooner rather than later. After reading it myself, I can understand why it was rated so highly.

The first half of the novel comprises of diary-type entries written by Verity. Verity has been captured as a spy in Nazi-occupied France and, in order to avoid any more torture, has made a deal to give an account of everything she knows to her German captors.

Verity's entries threw me off a little at first as she writes both in the first person, as she details the happenings while she is imprisoned, and in third person, retelling how Maddie and her first met mostly from Maddie's viewpoint. Once I figured out how she was narrating, it became much easier to follow and I ended up liking her method (and her portion of the novel) very much.

What I loved about Verity's accounts was how unreliable they could be. It did not even occur to me how much she could be making up until she actually mentions that she is making names up, to keep up the flow of the story. I will admit that I forgot (and frequently continued to forget) that she was not writing this for us, but rather for the SS leader, Amadeus von Linden.

The second half of the novel comprised of diary-type entries written by Maddie herself. Maddie writes strictly in the first person. We don’t fully realize how much Verity left out until Maddie’s turn. Maddie’s entries clear up both the lies that were told and the details that Verity intentionally left out. Maddie’s entries are also the most heartbreaking ones.

I completely loved and devoured this tale and feel everyone should give Code Name Verity a try. This is book is more than just a WWII book. It is about the bonds of a true friendship. If you can get through some of the more technical details in the first half, you are in for a great story.